The tragic events of the Marshall Fire disaster that occurred here in Boulder County affected Il Pastaio and our family directly. We lost our personal homes and all of our possessions therein. The unimaginable reality came to be in minutes, when the fire tore through our entire neighborhood. We were not the only Coloradans who suffered such a fate. It has been very hard to process and deal with this new reality. It has also been difficult to speak and respond coherently. Today, we’d like to share our words of gratitude and appreciation. Thank you to the entire community that has sustained us, supported us directly, and patronized the restaurant. 

Since this event, Il Pastaio continues forward. In 2022, We are celebrating our 22nd year! We are very lucky to have the restaurant intact and ready to produce the best pasta products in Colorado for many more years to come. We even have a great article to share that was published in the Denver Post. You can read it here

The pasta stimulus packages that we created during the pandemic were meant to help fill up your fridge with healthy, locally-made food for a great value. The packages were so popular that we created different versions. In this post-pandemic era, we have adopted new standard pasta packages that feature our fresh products—still for a great deal. Share the fun experience of making fresh pasta dishes for your friends and family at home. Make dinner an event!