Il Pastaio’s Statement on Food Delivery Services. 5 Points on how to make it better!

Il Pastaio, Boulder’s pasta factory and restaurant, is currently not working directly with any of the third-party food delivery services in the Denver Metro area, but please read on for our 5 point list on how to make these delivery orders better. As a small business, it is not in our interest to get into a contract with one of these jig economy engines. We operate as a brick-and-mortar pasta storefront, and at the present moment, we only have dine-in and take-out services.

Currently we are not directly working with any food delivery services.

To those of our customers who have experienced any issues with third-party delivery orders: we are vexed, too. There is no communication between us and those services, and we cannot control their website ordering experience, or the actions of their delivery personnel.


Here’s a 5 point List of How to have a better order with any of the leading Delivery services out there.



1. MAKE AS MANY SPECIAL NOTES AS POSSIBLE. If the delivery services allow you to add notes, please let us know exactly what you cannot get across. Allergies? Want a different sauce on the side of pasta? If their delivery service does not let you customize, add a note.

2. REMEMBER THAT OUR MENU IS UNIQUE, BUT THEIR SERVICES DON’T REFLECT THAT. At the restaurant we allow for substitutions or “add-ons,” that may be hard to achieve through their interface. Our recommendation is to keep the order as simple as possible. Or call us directly.

3. SAVE BULK ITEMS FOR PICK-UP & IN-PERSON DINING. Sometimes people try to order from our bulk menu, which we love! The only issue is that the delivery service websites may or may not have a clear list or correct prices for our bulk items. We wish we could deliver Pasta Stimulus Packages, but, until further technological advances, maybe call the restaurant for clarity.

4. GO MINIMAL. When you select your pasta and sauce of choice for your entree, the “add-ons” may be hard to compute on third-party delivery websites. We recommend only one add-on per dish in this case.

5. IF YOU CAN, CALL US. Sincerely, we will be there, and you can directly speak to someone to ensure your online order makes sense and that it is what you crave.



Fresh pasta is available in bulk quantities. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.




We don’t know what the future holds. Maybe we’ll be able to make deliveries someday, but until then, we thank you kindly for your visits to our store front, and we relish the opportunity to take care of your take-out needs. Grazie mille.