Our Pasta Stimulus Packages Deliver relief and delicious fresh goods.

When the pandemic caught us off guard, and things started getting dicey at supermarkets, here at the restaurant we decided, our community needs pasta stimulus packages to deliver relief and confidence in fresh goods during scary pandemic times. Our signature bundles are creative combinations of our favorite fresh products, offered at a deep discount to fill your pantry. Here now, in October, with the pandemic still alarming, and a relief package not within sight before the election, we pledge to keep our pasta stimulus packages available to our community, and extend a great deal all throughout your holiday needs.

Items from the Halloween Stimulus Package.

Currently the Halloween Stimulus package features our new sweet potato gnocchi, and seven more items of foodstuffs that will resolve your creative menu needs for the coming holiday season. Click here for full item list.

Our first pasta stimulus bundle, back in April.

Our shop’s privilege is to hear testimonials from customers about the experience they shared with their families while making the pasta dishes at home. Over a boiling pot, the simple experience that comes together by placing the pasta in the water, and counting out the time to take it out. Planning out the time to have the sauce ready. Preparing the table, and getting the plates out. It’s what we hear about, and so much more. It’s hard to share it all over a blog, but you have to experience it for yourself. Bring home the pasta in bulk, is not only a way to have dinner, but also to ignite a special experience.

Don’t just let us tell you about it. Here is a list of some the websites that review our restaurant and their rating. We were shocked to see so much content. Our heart goes out to everyone who ever took the time to leave a review. Thank you! It helps.

Google Reviews : 420 reviews as of 10/13/2020. rating 4.6
Yelp. 401 reviews as of 10/13/2020. Rating: 4.5
Facebook: Based on 46 reviews as of 10/13/2020. rating: 4.7
Tripadvisor gave us a rating of 4.5 on 111 reviews as of 10/13/2020.

All tallied, even the famed Zagat’s gave us a 4.5 for food and said:

Review: “What a great little find!” cry Boulderites who stumble on this “reasonably priced” strip-mall throwback “to the old country” run by a “delightful” family that dishes up “authentic Italian food with lots of love”, including “excellent pasta” “made fresh on the premises”; dining is cafeteria-style by day with table service at night, and while the interior may “need an upgrade”, the food “will keep you coming back again and again”; P.S. closed weekends.

True, we are closed on weekends.