Pasta on wheels! A Way to Get Il Pastaio in your Boulder neighborhood.

The challenges of 2020 have also brought about innovation and a case in point is Farm to Bus. It’s an exciting new concept: a farmers market on wheels that is currently offering our fresh pasta in a Boulder neighborhood near you!

Farm to Bus, established 2020.

This fascinating idea is the brainchild of Dustin and Cora, a local dynamic duo who zeroed-in on the damaging effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on local businesses, farmers, and producers who relied heavily on a human network to foster business relationships. As social distancing guidelines compromised these ties, Dustin and Cora acquired their 2011 Chevy Microbird and set out to bring local products to our neighborhoods.

You’ll see their bus rolling through town with great products from local bread makers, coffee roasters, orchards, farms, and beekeepers. It’s our pleasure to announce that they are also carrying fresh pasta products from Il Pastaio for all to enjoy. They sell out quickly, so if you see their bus go by, make sure not to miss the opportunity to support this great service to our community. You can check out the bus’ schedule and even track it live at this link.

The local Farm to Bus vessel of goodness.

The bus does not have all our products and they cannot deliver a Pasta Stimulus Package to you, but they will have a sampling of our fresh pasta, ravioli, and even sauces in our convenient vacuum-sealed bags. We are very grateful to Dustin and Cora for taking on this community-building mission. During the “curbside reality’ that we are experiencing we are happy they are helping to share our pasta with those who can’t go out and get it.

Sampling of our pasta products in bulk.

We hope you can catch the Farm to Bus rolling farmers market soon. They end service for the season when the harvest season has also ended, sometime in late November. In any case, we are sure this is just the beginning of what Dustin and Cora can do for our community and we are looking forward to what they’ll do next.