Primavera is Around the Corner! Celebrate with the first Il Pastaio Ravioli Variety Pack

Spring is around the corner: with inspiration everywhere and hope renewed, we have put together the first Il Pastaio ravioli variety pack. It’s the flavors of a heavenly vegetable harvest paired with great sauces for your enjoyment. You’ll have 5 delicious ravioli varieties to sample: asparagus, beet, eggplant, mushroom, and spinach-ricotta.

7 servings of ravioli for all to enjoy!

What A COMBO! Seriously, the Il Pastaio ravioli pack is a true party pack if we’ve ever made one. For years, we’ve heard requests for a ravioli variety entree to order at the restaurant. This package answers that request with our favorite veggie-centric ravioli and our recommended sauce pairings. Did you know we also make other delicious ravioli, such as zucca (butternut squash)?

Thank you for your continued patronage. We are still offering our popular Pasta Stimulus Packages, which we can have ready for you in 5 minutes–even when you walk in.

In accordance with the latest Colorado state guidelines, the restaurant is currently open for in-person dining at 50% capacity. So evening reservations are a good idea! We are looking forward to seeing everyone back again someday. Until then, safety is our first priority and we will also happily serve any takeout curbside.

One more piece of good news that we are happy to share with you: we are currently improving our website to make ordering takeout–especially from third-party services–more streamlined. Check back soon for the latest update.

Lastly, Boulder Weekly has our restaurant and pasta factory in the running under the category of Best Italian in Boulder County. We encourage everyone to vote for their favorite local business. This is a nice annual event that highlights the best of what Boulder has to offer. You can learn more at Best of Boulder!