Pasta is for Lovers! The Valentine’s Day Pasta Package is the Perfect DIY Idea for Valentine’s Day.

This year’s day dedicated to lovers happens to land on a Sunday, so Il Pastaio will be closed, but never fear: our Valentine’s Day Package is the perfect idea for a romantic DIY dinner.

This package includes our exclusive Lobster Ravioli, which we have perfected for this occasion. You will also find the complementary Aurora Sauce for your Lobster Ravioli dinner that you can cook in minutes. Instructions are included. Here’s the rest of the list…

The artichokes, three-bean salad, and roasted peppers are great antipasto starters that can be served up easily with your Sunday feast. Keep the desserts in the fridge. On Sunday, the desserts will be ready to serve, with help from an inspired whipped cream garnish. We recommend you take the lead on these embellishments and pick them up beforehand.

A toast from Il Pastaio for your foresight and great thinking! You will be the hero. This special holiday item is inspired by our Pasta Stimulus Packages which are still available, and all still include a deep discount. We will have the packages ready on Friday, February 12, so reserve one today. They can be ordered ahead of time. Viva l’amore!