We have new Pasta Stimulus Packages!

Here’s a great idea, to spark some creativity in the kitchen. All you need is PASTA! The New York Times put out this great article to get you through the culinary doldrums of the pandemic. Invigorate your kitchen with a bright and unique dinner idea: cooking your favorite pasta and sauce in one single pot. This fun and easy technique will keep you trying new vegetable and protein combinations that can make your pasta shine.


The New York Times. Photo by Ali Slagle



Our first Pasta Stimulus Package has been a great success and worthy of an encore. So please peruse our new Package combinations that are at a discounted price to fill your pantry and fulfill those cravings in the kitchen.

The NEW variations of the PASTA STIMULUS PACKAGE are as follows:

Package #1 $35
1 pomodoro pint, 1 aurora pint, 1/2 pint of pesto, 1 pint of three-bean salad, 1/4 lb. of parmesan cheese, 1 lb. of gnocchi, 1 lb. linguini.

Package#2 $34
1 basilico pint, 1 bolognese pint, 2 lbs. ravioli of choice, 2 lbs. rigatoni


Package #3 $30
1 aurora pint, 1/4 parmesan cheese, 1 pint of arrabiatta, 1 lb. linguini, 1 lb. linguini verde, 1 lb. of ravioli of choice.


Pasta Stimulus Package #1, pictured.

Now you have more options for discounted pasta packages that will please a family of 6! Please place your orders at 303-447-9572, and we can schedule a curb-side pick up as we continue to adhere to our ‘Safer-At-Home” restrictions.